• Eric May

Announcing Hackpalachia

We're excited to announce our annual hackathon, Hackpalachia, hosted at the Russ College of Engineering at Ohio University.

When we founded Develop Appalachia, we realized that we needed to create programming and events for people living in the region, and that led us to create Hackpalachia.

Hackpalachia is a single-day hackathon for students in business, design, and engineering where they can work on developing their teamwork and leadership skills, learn more about the entrepreneurial process, and meet new friends and mentors along the way.

Often times students in the Appalachian region don't have the proper exposure to entrepreneurship. They hear about it, or they hear about the next billion dollar company, but they don't realize that not only can they participate, but they can actually start those companies if they have access to the right resources and bring the right idea and hard work to the table.

Our team is thrilled to have so many sponsors and mentors who have volunteered their time and money to help make this event happen.

As we get closer to the date, look out for more info, and please donate!


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